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How I Save Time and Money While Grocery ShoppingI am juggling more roles than I can manage at the moment. Maybe you can relate? Of them are some that I cannot (and do not) want to get rid of. Roles like wife, mom, social worker, caregiver, child taxi, grocery shopper…

No, I don’t want to stop doing the grocery shopping for my family. Part of that has to do with my control issues because I know where I can shop and still save the most money. My husband would shop but he prioritizes convenience. However, I think maybe, we have something that combines the two?

I found out about Walmart Grocery through Facebook. I was intrigued, but very against it at first. Can I be honest? Walmart isn’t known for their customer service. So, my first attempt at the service was met with a whole lot of skepticism. It was an overcast day in August – the kind of day when I would have normally skipped grocery shopping altogether. I’m not a fan of juggling grocery bags, a shopping cart, an umbrella, and the rain.

On that first trip it was a few days between when I placed the order and when I picked it up. Unlike tonight since I am currently catching up on my DVR, typing this, and ordering next week’s groceries to be picked up first thing in the morning. Anyway, I digress.

The Walmart I pick up from is across town. I’ve been waiting, since August, for them to add it to the one closer to my home, but so far no luck. Walmart called me about 30 minutes before my scheduled pickup time to let me know my order was ready. I called them back once I got into the parking lot. The parking lot was clearly marked with arrows that pointed me to the pickup spot. I also had the map in my confirmation email. I pulled into my specially marked spot, next to another woman, and responded to a few emails as I waited. It didn’t take long.

A gentleman came out pulling my groceries in blue bins behind him. It was very awkward, and even now that I’m an old pro at this it still feels awkward. Do I get out and help? Do I get out and watch? Do I stay in the car and finish this email? Do I tip? Do I even have cash? Luckily, he put me at ease. He met me at my car door just as I was getting out. He had me sign for my groceries and then politely shut my car door. Oh, chivalry! He then loaded my groceries in my trunk and even brought me the bag with my bread in it so I could keep it up front! A man thought about my bread!

I asked about a tip and he said they don’t accept them. I told him “thank you” and he left. That was it. It didn’t take fifteen minutes from start to finish. I did not have to get out of my car! I did not have to stand in line. I did not have to battle the umbrella, rain, and groceries. The best part, on that trip the Walmart branded water bottles I paid for was out of stock so they gave me a name brand case of water bottles for the same price. Within a few moments of him leaving I received another confirmation email. When I got home I double checked that everything I ordered was there. All of my groceries were there!

Since that day in August, I only swing by the grocery store when I need to grab a few quick items. Now, I can plan my grocery shopping date in advance and edit my order (adding or subtracting items) until the midnight of the day I’m picking up. Walmart even marks the items I buy as favorites, so it is very easy to find and purchase the exact items my family loves.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that submitting your receipt to Savings Catcher (Walmart’s way of price matching your groceries to area papers and giving you the difference) is as quick as the press of a button. You don’t even have to scan a receipt, just press “submit.” You cannot coupon using this service, but I hope they figure that out soon.

This service has saved me time, money, and that sinking feeling when you get home and you realize you forgot something you really needed to get. That reminds me I need to add toothbrushes to tomorrow’s order.

If you use my referral link you can save $10 and so can I!

Also, let me say – I support grocery delivery and pickup. Whether you try Walmart or Kroger or any other local grocery store near you. I just think it’s a smart way to shop. It’s been a sanity saver after church when I pull in while my child is taking a nap. I don’t have to wake the two-year-old up! Did I mention Walmart‘s service is free? Have you tried an online grocery shopping option?


This post contains affiliate links, where I may receive a percentage for any products you purchase. This is done at no extra cost to you. For a detailed explanation of this process, click here. 

Before my daughter was born I would work, volunteer, or attend community events at least a few times per week. When my time was mine, the extra hours didn’t bother me. My husband juggles a full-time job with two almost full-time passions. Therefore, when I wasn’t home sometimes it seemed like only the dogs missed me. We were both busy and that was OK.


Five Ways to Work Late Without the Mom GuiltThen came the baby, two years ago, and my time was no longer mine. Now, she is old enough to know when I work late and when I am not home. Oh, the guilt I feel when I miss putting her to bed. I hate hearing about her afternoon from someone else. I’m still the kind of mom who will rush from a meeting at 7:30 p.m. to get home before she goes to sleep instead of hanging around and talking. So, I’ve had to learn a few ways to work late without the guilt, or at least less of it.

Part of my job requires some evenings and weekends, and part of who I am requires that I volunteer some of my time and talents. So, here are five ways I take care of other parts of me without the mom guilt. But, before I jump into them, I must first say that I have a great support system and a flexible job. I know that other moms reading this may not have these privileges so, my tips and tricks may not work for you. However, they may give you some ideas and I definitely want you to share with me in the comments any tricks and tricks you have that I didn’t mention. Let’s help each other out.

  1. 1. Plan It Out.

I know, I know. I sell planners but hear me out. This is a legit part of my working late without the guilt. I try to work by the rule that I do not work late two nights in a row. While, that’s not always possible, such as the week of a big health care deadline. When I can’t help it, I move to tip number three.

However, the only way to work by this rule is to have my week planned out in advance. I sit down, on Sunday night, and look at my week and what I have going on. I also, keep a monthly calendar (paper and online) so that as I am adding responsibilities to my schedule I can see, in advance, which nights I would prefer not to be out late.

  1. Know They Are Safe.

Again, I have a great support system. It helps me knowing that my child is safe. Safety is the minimal goal though, isn’t it? It’s the most important, but dare I say, that we also want our children to be educated, entertained, challenged? My advice here is take the time to find a provider, sitter, or family member that you really trust. Grandparents are an easy place to start, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Then clearly communicate with them your expectations (one less thing to stress about).

If you know that they are safe then you can (and should) focus on the work at hand. I remember my daughter’s first day at daycare. I took her a day before the end of my maternity leave, thinking I would need to cry all day and didn’t want to do it in front of my coworkers. So, I dropped her off in the morning and had planned to get my hair done. When I laid her down in her new crib in a brand new room with strangers, she smiled up at me. I really felt like that was God telling me she would be alright.

Since then I have worked to form, what I consider to be, good relationships with her teachers. I buy them presents for Christmas and during Teacher Appreciation Week. I volunteer for the PTO and offer support where I can. I believe in showing appreciation and saying “thank you.” I also need to do a better job of it. Here are some easy ways you can say “thank you” to those who support you.

  1. Make Up For It.

So, my daughter has her own way of punishing me the morning after I work late. There is extra two-year-old attitude while we get dressed and do hair in the morning. It’s her way of letting me know that she noticed that someone else put her to bed.

One of the things I do is I try to make up for some of the time we lost. I can never fix all of it. I don’t put that kind of pressure on myself, yet, I might try to wake her up a little early so we can snuggle, she happens to love to snuggle, and watch Mickey Mouse. We might swing by the park on the way home or I may plan a playdate over the weekend. None of these things she realizes I am doing, I know, but it helps me with my guilt.

My teenager is a little easier. He has a Chick-fil-A obsession, so we will sometimes get up early to swing through the drive through to grab that iced something he likes.

  1. Say “No.”

Man do I have trouble with this one. I do not have to do everything that is asked of me, right? I can say “no” and I don’t even have to offer a reason. No is a complete sentence. I have to say “no” to some things so that I can create time to say “yes” to other things.

  1. Say “Yes.”

Didn’t I just say you should say “no” more often? Well, you should. I should. However, create room to say “yes.” For me, my entire existence isn’t surrounded around being a mom. I have career aspirations, volunteer goals, and business dreams. I want to be the best wife to my husband – which sounds odd to say since I want to be the only wife to my husband… Let’s try that again. I want to be the best wife, mom, and daughter that I can be. Part of that means taking care of my goals and dreams.

There are after work events I want to attend because I can learn something or network or because I have something to add to the conversation. I can say “yes” to those events. I do say “yes” to some of those events. I just have to prioritize. I look at my calendar and see how many nights I am working late in that week, I find a sitter, then I see where I can create space to make up for another late night, and then I get to say “yes” to my growth and education.

I recently started reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst. I’m learning some lessons to help me differentiate when I should be saying “no” so that I can give my best “yes.” Have you read it?

We’re On a Break

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Life has happened in our home. For a while it felt like every one in my home was being hit with something. My daughter had the flu, my husband had the flu, then he was dealing with some other serious challenges, my mom received some unexpected health news on her dementia diagnosis, I got an infection, I got some finanancial news I didn’t want, and my fosterish teen was battling cold. On top of that Lacrosse season started, and I was simply stressed with trying to take care of everyone. It was life. This is life. It happens, but I am completely behind with LoveLee Day Planners.

I only have so much brain space and it felt like I needed to deal with the small fires in my own home before I could start looking at my traditional 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. work time for this business. That was a hard decision to make… I am constantly feeling the guilt that comes with it! I’ve written posts but not posted them. I have created products but I have not shared them. And I have been extremely inactive on social media and I feel so guilty about all of it.

So, I’ve decided to take a break. I need to get myself back on track. (This is probably more transparency than some business owners would show, but I feel as if I owe it to you guys). I need to focus on my husband and offering him support where he needs it. I need to try to get through my 300 work emails. I need to get some pictures of my products. I need to plan. Heck, I need to do my taxes.

I plan to come back in May with all new posts – think the Top Five Tips for Working Late With Less Mom Guilt, The One Free Service That Save Me Money, Time, and My Sanity, and my Top Productivity Apps. I have new products and updated products. You’ll start to see them in May. I really appreciate all of your support and I thank you for giving me the time to take care of my home.

I pray that you and your family have a happy Easter weekend, full of egg hunts, cookouts, and most importantly full of worship of our risen Savior. Though the world may be dark, it really is a Good Friday!

Self-Care Sunday

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I’m not big on Self-care Sundays. I try to subscribe to the idea of self-care every day, but this Sunday I did something unique for me. Let me start with the why.

The last few days have been rough, all over social media. I have watched friendships fade, Facebook groups shrink (and grow), people gang up on strangers, strangers join groups just to post something hateful and leave, people attack a young child… it’s been a bit rough. I’m sure face-to-face relationship have been just as ugly in for some of you.

So, for self-care on Sunday I signed off of Facebook and Twitter. I wrote it down in my planner and tn I had to do it. It was incredibly refreshing.

A view of what I wrote in my planner.

Not only to get away from all of the political stuff, but because I haven’t done it in a long time. I’m one of those phone junkies and I can’t remember the last time I unplugged. I need to do better! It was a bit refreshing. It didn’t stop me from remembering what I read or what someone said, but it helped ease the feeling of angst and “rightness.” I was able to take a step back and breathe, lower my blood pressure a little, and give my energy to something more important. My life.

If the news stream is getting your blood pressure up, I encourage you to consider putting it away. Don’t worry, it will still be there when you come back in a few hours or tomorrow. Your opinion wouldn’t have changed, and likely no one else’s would have either.

There is so much you can do in the real world with your phone down.

If you haven’t watched last week’s This Is Us, grab some tissues and catch up. Is your child interested in a game of Legos or a cup of ice cream (my kid constantly talks about ice cream)? You could go online and order your Valentine’s Day lingerie. You could take bath and cut your toenails. You could try a new hairstyle after watching a YouTube video. Or budget for next month. Plus, there is always laundry!

Take care of yourself. If social media isn’t the problem, then turn away from CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and anything else riling you up. I just want to encourage you with that today; getting away really helped me this weekend. I got to spend time with my family watching football while eating pizza and marshmallows. I even went to bed early. Now, I feel a little more ready to face what the world has for me today.

Just an idea!

P.S. I will be back on social media to live tweet Grey’s Anatomy with you all tomorrow night.