We’re On a Break

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Life has happened in our home. For a while it felt like every one in my home was being hit with something. My daughter had the flu, my husband had the flu, then he was dealing with some other serious challenges, my mom received some unexpected health news on her dementia diagnosis, I got an infection, I got some finanancial news I didn’t want, and my fosterish teen was battling cold. On top of that Lacrosse season started, and I was simply stressed with trying to take care of everyone. It was life. This is life. It happens, but I am completely behind with LoveLee Day Planners.

I only have so much brain space and it felt like I needed to deal with the small fires in my own home before I could start looking at my traditional 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. work time for this business. That was a hard decision to make… I am constantly feeling the guilt that comes with it! I’ve written posts but not posted them. I have created products but I have not shared them. And I have been extremely inactive on social media and I feel so guilty about all of it.

So, I’ve decided to take a break. I need to get myself back on track. (This is probably more transparency than some business owners would show, but I feel as if I owe it to you guys). I need to focus on my husband and offering him support where he needs it. I need to try to get through my 300 work emails. I need to get some pictures of my products. I need to plan. Heck, I need to do my taxes.

I plan to come back in May with all new posts – think the Top Five Tips for Working Late With Less Mom Guilt, The One Free Service That Save Me Money, Time, and My Sanity, and my Top Productivity Apps. I have new products and updated products. You’ll start to see them in May. I really appreciate all of your support and I thank you for giving me the time to take care of my home.

I pray that you and your family have a happy Easter weekend, full of egg hunts, cookouts, and most importantly full of worship of our risen Savior. Though the world may be dark, it really is a Good Friday!


How I Use My LoveLee Day Planner

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Every planner is different and this one is no exception. Sure, there may be features that you are used to and that do not require any introductions – like the agenda – but there are some that are unique to the LoveLee Day Planner. I use mine one way, but you might use yours differently. That’s one of the things I have loved about planners is that we can all use the same planner, but learn a new productivity tool from someone else. Here is a brief introduction to how I use my LoveLee Day Planner.


I usually sit down the night before, or on Sunday, and plug my schedule into the hourly agenda. I like that it’s broken down by half-hour, so I can create a pretty accurate look at my day, which includes considering travel times.

Goal Work and To-Dos

I have created my goals for the year and broken them down by category – such as personal, career, health, financial, business, etc. I like having separate goals cause I am a category kind of girl. I like to put things into categories. Once I’ve created my goals for the year I try to break them down into monthly goals. For example – if my goal for this year was to lose 24 pounds, then each month I would try to lose two. I’m also the kind of person who loves check boxes, so I look for any excuse to feel like I’m being productive. Remember, if you order the custom planners you can edit this out or create your own. 

Another benefit of the Goal Work section is that it puts your goals in front of you every single day. It is so easy to set a goal at the start of the year and two months into it completely forget what you wanted to work towards. Life if hectic and tough and it can be easy to get off course.

Quote Box

This is only available on the custom planner pages, but you can have one quote (or word) at the bottom of your planner. I created this thinking about the “one word” that people love to choose. Last year my one word was “declutter” and I looked for any reason to throw something away – or sell it. Keeping this simple word really helped me through the year to get rid of many of the physical things taking up space in my life.

This year I was moved by something Austin Kleon said at a work conference I went to: “process is messy.” Launching my own business has already been a messy process. This quote reminds me of the freedom to be transparent and less stressed about the process.

Habits and Water

Habits is an easy way to keep track of the things you want to do each day without having to write them out every day. For me, I want to make sure I am taking my vitamins, completing my Weight Watchers entries, have my quiet time and planning out the next day. You can customize the habits you want on your planner, or purchase the classic version, and write in your habits.

Water, of course, is my goal and reminder to drink eight cups each and every day.

Write It Out and Notes

This is absolutely my favorite part of the LoveLee Day Planners. Since having my daughter and foster son, in these last two years, I cannot keep track of the different binders and journals like I used to. I’m carrying diapers in my purse, people! This is my way of keeping my gratitude journal, prayer journal, work notes, phone call documentation, and everything else in one place.

Remember, in the customizable one, you can change these categories to meet your needs.

The meals box is large enough where you can keep track of all of your meals from breakfast to dinner, including snacks. Or, you can list what you plan to make for dinner and add the items you need to pick up from the store.

Self-care is my reminder to be intentional about doing something for me each and every day.

That’s it! I just wanted to share with you how I use these planners cause it might help you decide if they are a fit for your life.





The Shop Is Open… Kinda

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Target has a physical store with doors and lights and cashiers and aisles of everything I never knew I needed. It’s a place I can shop with hours I can easily find. They have a brand I can easily recognize and spot from a mile away even without my glasses.

LoveLee Day Planners does not have a physical store. There is no parking lot and there are no lights. There is, however, a website with pretty colors and well thought out fonts. I wanted my LoveLee Day Planners’ website store to open this weekend. I worked really hard to make it happen, but there was a snafu – or two – and it is not a reality. Not yet.

Don’t fret! I cannot handle another text about when the store will open. It’s here.

LoveLee Day Planners has opened on Insatgram!

Visit the Instagram page, view the products, comment with your email (or send a Direct Message), and I will invoice you for the pages and then email you your own printable page(s). Prices start at $3.

Don’t have a printer? Need a discbound hole puncher? I can print them, use a discbound puncher or 3-hole puncher for you, and mail them directly to your door. Just let me know if this is the option you want. Prices start at $15 plus shipping.

Lastly, the whole reason the LoveLee Day Planners line was created was to be able to offer you options to customize your planner. Not just the fonts and colors, but the text.

My planner has space for scriptures, prayers, self-care, meals, and more. However, you may be an exercise, grocery list, and affirmation kind of girl. I don’t want to put you in a box so let me know how you want to customize the text (within the boundaries of the template) and I will. There is a three day turnaround on customizable planner sheets and you can opt to receive a $1 proof to approve before you purchase. Your $1 will be refunded if you purchase your downloads. 

Thank you all for your patience and your support. The outpouring of love I have received, from friends and strangers, has been overwhelming!

Let me leave you Target lovers with this meme I found on Facebook. Photo credit: @texashumor.

Launch Day Giveaway

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To celebrate the launch of LoveDay Planners we are hosting a giveaway on Instagram and on Facebook.

I have a $15 gift card to Target on Instagram and a $15 gift card to Starbucks on Facebook. Both winners will receive a free 14-day daily agenda printable from LoveLee Day Planners.

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow @loveleedayplan on Instagram and/or like LoveLee Day Planners on Facebook
  2. Share the post on your own social media platform
  3. Comment with what you look for in a planner

That’s it! The winner will be chosen on my birthday, Thursday, January 5, 2017 around 5:30 pm EST (about 48 hours from now). The winner will be announced no later than Friday morning at 9:00 am (still EST). The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize and email me their address. I’ll get it in the mail by Monday!


  • The winner must follow the account and share the post in order to be eligible to win
  • The winner must be a resident of the continential United States
  • The winner must be at least 16 years old.
  • Each account will have one seperate winner. You are encouraged to enter on both, but can only win on one

*This giveaway is  in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram.