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How I Save Time and Money While Grocery ShoppingI am juggling more roles than I can manage at the moment. Maybe you can relate? Of them are some that I cannot (and do not) want to get rid of. Roles like wife, mom, social worker, caregiver, child taxi, grocery shopper…

No, I don’t want to stop doing the grocery shopping for my family. Part of that has to do with my control issues because I know where I can shop and still save the most money. My husband would shop but he prioritizes convenience. However, I think maybe, we have something that combines the two?

I found out about Walmart Grocery through Facebook. I was intrigued, but very against it at first. Can I be honest? Walmart isn’t known for their customer service. So, my first attempt at the service was met with a whole lot of skepticism. It was an overcast day in August – the kind of day when I would have normally skipped grocery shopping altogether. I’m not a fan of juggling grocery bags, a shopping cart, an umbrella, and the rain.

On that first trip it was a few days between when I placed the order and when I picked it up. Unlike tonight since I am currently catching up on my DVR, typing this, and ordering next week’s groceries to be picked up first thing in the morning. Anyway, I digress.

The Walmart I pick up from is across town. I’ve been waiting, since August, for them to add it to the one closer to my home, but so far no luck. Walmart called me about 30 minutes before my scheduled pickup time to let me know my order was ready. I called them back once I got into the parking lot. The parking lot was clearly marked with arrows that pointed me to the pickup spot. I also had the map in my confirmation email. I pulled into my specially marked spot, next to another woman, and responded to a few emails as I waited. It didn’t take long.

A gentleman came out pulling my groceries in blue bins behind him. It was very awkward, and even now that I’m an old pro at this it still feels awkward. Do I get out and help? Do I get out and watch? Do I stay in the car and finish this email? Do I tip? Do I even have cash? Luckily, he put me at ease. He met me at my car door just as I was getting out. He had me sign for my groceries and then politely shut my car door. Oh, chivalry! He then loaded my groceries in my trunk and even brought me the bag with my bread in it so I could keep it up front! A man thought about my bread!

I asked about a tip and he said they don’t accept them. I told him “thank you” and he left. That was it. It didn’t take fifteen minutes from start to finish. I did not have to get out of my car! I did not have to stand in line. I did not have to battle the umbrella, rain, and groceries. The best part, on that trip the Walmart branded water bottles I paid for was out of stock so they gave me a name brand case of water bottles for the same price. Within a few moments of him leaving I received another confirmation email. When I got home I double checked that everything I ordered was there. All of my groceries were there!

Since that day in August, I only swing by the grocery store when I need to grab a few quick items. Now, I can plan my grocery shopping date in advance and edit my order (adding or subtracting items) until the midnight of the day I’m picking up. Walmart even marks the items I buy as favorites, so it is very easy to find and purchase the exact items my family loves.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that submitting your receipt to Savings Catcher (Walmart’s way of price matching your groceries to area papers and giving you the difference) is as quick as the press of a button. You don’t even have to scan a receipt, just press “submit.” You cannot coupon using this service, but I hope they figure that out soon.

This service has saved me time, money, and that sinking feeling when you get home and you realize you forgot something you really needed to get. That reminds me I need to add toothbrushes to tomorrow’s order.

If you use my referral link you can save $10 and so can I! http://lovelee.today/2pMlZNl

Also, let me say – I support grocery delivery and pickup. Whether you try Walmart or Kroger or any other local grocery store near you. I just think it’s a smart way to shop. It’s been a sanity saver after church when I pull in while my child is taking a nap. I don’t have to wake the two-year-old up! Did I mention Walmart‘s service is free? Have you tried an online grocery shopping option?


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